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    On October 14, 2020 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo (CAE) opened in China International Exhibition Center (New Hall).At Booth 1297 of W1 Pavilion, Wincomn takes the excellent Night Tour Planning Scheme, Sand Table Display, Architectural Projection Show, Ball Screen Solution and Brand products such as Christie, Krinda, 7thSense, Alcorn and Scalable



    In the project of Wuhu Linjiang bridge tower projection show, Wincomn carried out creative planning, media production, projection scheme design and project implementation. In this exhibition, Wincomn brought the projection show to the scene, so that visitors can feel the charm of the Internet red spots thousands of miles away.



    The main content of the electronic digital sand table on display is the theme tourism planning of night tour. The audience can watch the specific details of each scenic spot through the interaction with the digital sand table, so as to master the whole route of the night tour. This interactive display mode is full of interest, and also allows the audience to have a deeper understanding of the planning of the night tour project.



    At the exhibition site, the projection show of ancient building model is small but amazing enough; the small ball screen projection is full of creativity and eye-catching. Visitors can really understand Wincomn's strength in various projection projects such as ancient building projection and special-shaped ball screen projection.




    On the largest wall of the booth site, there is a detailed picture of the lighting and night tour planning scheme. The projection on the wall shows the video source designed by the Creative planning team of Wincomn. It is worth mentioning that the video source by the win health private brand Krinda projector projection. From creative planning, project implementation to the development and use of independent products, The comprehensive strength of Wincomn in the field of night travel has impressed visitors.


    At the scene, the cultural tourism cutting-edge equipment such as Krinda projector, Christie D4K40-RGB projector, 7thSense uncompressed media server, Alcorn entertainment control and playback system, Scalable deformation fusion software and other cutting-edge cultural tourism equipment, through the bridge tower projection, ancient building model projection and ball screen deformation fusion, clearly and intuitively show the performance and characteristics of their products.






    The multi angle and all-round exhibition not only attracted visitors to stop and watch, but also fully demonstrated Wincomn's progress and breakthrough in the cultural and tourism industry.

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