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    Wincomn Participated in The Construction of 4D Cinema of Enjoyland Animal Kingdom

    On August 18, after three years, the Enjoyland Animal Kingdom elaborately created by top international designers is open. This covers an area of about 570000 square meters, with a total investment of about ¥5 billion of the animal kingdom contains six theme area,like The Jiabao Town, Island of Creature , Fancy Zoo, Jade Ocean, Fantasy World, The Dragon Valley , show more than 200 kinds, more than 3000 rare wild animals, has 19 groups of large-scale amusement equipment, animal show, popular science education, recreation equipment, theater and  4D cinema multi-function in one.


    As soon as the Enjoyland Animal Kingdom opened, it has become a popular amusement place in Zhengzhou. Its high-end science and technology amusement facilities and distinctive theme areas allow tourists to freely enjoy themselves in the rich and colorful ocean of animals. It has become a popular online card punching holy land for tourists. Wincomn participate in the projection construction of 4D cinema and 3D mapping show of "The Tree of life".

    Now, let's introduce it to you the Rio 4D Cinema.




    The 4D cinema is located in the “Island of Creature” square in the middle of the park. It can accommodate more than 350 people at the same time. The arc screen is 30 meters long and 8 meters high. Wincomn uses 4 Christie D4K40-RGB true laser projectors to complete the arc screen stereoscopic projection.





    The projector brightness is as high as 40000 lumens, equipped with Christie reallaser real laser technology, independent red, green, blue laser to generate laser, forming images, with an unimaginable wide color gamut, covering more than 90% of rec. 2020 color gamut, making the high frame rate video with 4K resolution and 120 frames vivid. The stable and lasting laser light source not only saves the maintenance manpower and material resources for the cinema, but also ensures the safe and stable continuous performance. And Wincomn uses 7thSense media server to play 4K lossless high-quality content per channel, so that the picture shows ultra-high definition. Equipped with Scalable professional automatic correction system, the picture is perfectly integrated and the details are accurately restored, which enhances the real effect of 3D film.




    Rio is a famous 3D animation film, which has won many international awards. And the cinema is the first 4D cinema in Chinese mainland to use the latest RGB Laser Technology. It is ahead of other similar cinemas in terms of brightness, clarity and color restoration. International Film configuration, the world's leading technology stereo projection system, lifelike film effects, dynamic seats, dry ice, fog, wind, rain, special sound effects, etc., allow tourists to experience a super shocking and immersive film viewing tour integrating vision, hearing and touch.

    Next time, we will share with you the 3D mapping show of "The Tree of Life" . Coming soon~


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