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    The comprehensive meaning is long-term win-win, continuous development
    Founded in 2005, Beijing Wincomn Technology Co., ltd has focused on high-end A/V application, and dedicated to provide the world leading products and software/hardware solution for intelligent meeting/control room, cultural tourism and simulation.
    As the world leading high-end A/V service provider, Beijing Wincomn Technology Co.,ltd has been partnered with 10+ world famous manufacturer, providing high-end A/V service to customers and end-users including system design, hardware/software development, hardware/software integration, service and operation. Headquartered in Beijing, Wincomn has sub-branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an and Shenyang.

    Corporate Culture:
  • Win-win between
    Wincomn and manufacturers
  • Win-win between
    Wincomn and partners
  • Win-win between
    Wincomn and end-users
  • Win-win between
    Wincomn and its staffs
  • Win-win between
    Wincomn and Society
  • Between Wincomn and manufacturers:
    Wincomn fosters high-end market, createsdistribution channel, supplies with logistics and market services, reduces the risk of product development and helps increase market development for manufacturer.
    Between Wincomn and partners:
    Wincomn provides partners (sub-distributors, agents, SI, contractors) with manufacturers’ resources, training, engineering design, installation, warranty and after-sales service and resolves the pressure from stock and capital. As for project operation, Wincomn provides with professional solution and helps partners get projectin early stage (Involved) and gives way to partners and delivers value to partners in later stage (Uninvolved).Perfect service mode and “involved and uninvolved”project operation modeguaranteewin-win continuous development between Wincomn and partners.
    Between Wincomn and end-users:
    Wincomn meets the users’ requirement and provides with low-cost high quality products, customizedsolutions and worry-free services.
    For Wincomn and its staffs:
    Wincomn places people first, trains the responsibility and professional ability of grows together with staffs. Meanwhile Wincomn provides with superior business platform and office environment to guarantee staffs get satisfying remuneration, personal development opportunity and working status.
    BetweenWincomn and Society:
    Wincomn actively takes social responsibility and pays back to society.
    Organic integration of the world's leading ten audio and video products
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